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I've set a CSS3 background gradient on an item, and I'd like to have it spin slowly. I'm just starting with CSS3 & HTML5 (Mind you, I've used CSS & HTML for 15 years, there's a lot of new stuff though). Is it possible to spin just the background, not the actual element?

If you want to see it, it's at http://www.itjustwerx.net - the infinity symbol on the left at the top (yes, it is a background gradient even though it's on the text's foreground, gotta love background-clip); I don't want the text to rotate but I do want the background to. Also, this only works in webkit browsers.

I'm willing to use whatever scripting gets it done - HTML5 canvas, CSS3 transforms, Javascript/jQuery, etc (although keeping it pure CSS3 would be great). I am trying to avoid using any images, however.

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You can do this by animating the CSS property with JavaScript. Here is an example that uses a bit of jQuery to ease changing the CSS:

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/HYDAj/2/

Basically, I use setInterval to change the gradient angle every 100ms. I couldn't get your specific gradient to work, and this example only works in WebKit browsers, but that will get you started.

I should also note that WebKit is alone in supporting `background-clip: text', so that is another reason this won't work in Firefox or IE.

In case you didn't care to use any jQuery, here is the pure JavaScript way:


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Just what I was looking for, thanks! Meets my needs perfectly. As for the WebKit limitations, it's almost a proof of concept at this point - I'm sure I'll end up doing it another way. Just wanted to see if I could make my design idea in pure code. –  Doug the Neard Apr 20 '12 at 23:51

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