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I'm trying to setup my first repo on my host and am getting this error when I use Tortoise to checkout the project:

Error: OPTIONS of 'http://mywebsite.com/svn/myproject': 200 OK (http://mywebsite.com)

Here is what I did:

  1. ssh into my host and head to /home/myaccnt and 'svnadmin create svn'

  2. create my project repo: 'svn mkdir svn/myproject'

  3. add files to the repo: cd /home/myaccnt/.../myproject (which has /tags, /branch, /trunk); 'svn import file:///home/myaccnt/svn/myproject' (the big ole list of files being added is seen at this point.)
    At this point I think that I've setup my repo and imported my project into the repo. So, I'm ready to checkout using TortoiseSVN on my Windows box. So:

  4. In the folder I'd like to checkout to, I rightclick and 'SVN Checkout' and then make sure my URL is: http://mywebsite.com/svn/myproject


Error: OPTIONS of 'http://mywebsite.com/svn/myproject': 200 OK (http://mywebsite.com)

Anyone have any thoughts for me? I'm likely missing something fundemental w/ the structure of my repo or htaccess... or something.

Many thanks in advance.

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I had to dig into this issue too and found the following pages which lead me to the solution: - http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.subversion.devel/117844 (See especially the link to "Julian's patch")

There is stated that the "OPTIONS of <url>: 200 (<url>) OK" error is quite misleading and often just means that the repository URL is wrong.

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Thanks. This has helped me out, too! Stupid error message. – Johnsyweb Jun 1 '10 at 2:40
Yea. In most cases it's a wrong url. I just had it again also, but I always forget the cause of it. – Sam Stoelinga Sep 7 '10 at 20:09
We see this error from time to time with our customers at ProjectLocker as well, and it's always an incorrect URL. Please accept the above answer. – brokenbeatnik Aug 22 '12 at 12:12
It's rare to see an answer with 66 upvotes lose to one with 2. – weberc2 Oct 16 '12 at 0:37

I had a similar problem with a simple "svn list" command.

To extend Vitor Mateus' answer regarding slashes; While setting up my own repository using Apache on an in-house server, my original Location tag in the apache2 config file looked like

<Location "/svn/repo_address/">

where there was a trailing "/" after "repo_address". There should not be a slash there:

<Location "/svn/repo_address">

Something subtle, but it makes a huge difference. Now a call to

svn list http://my.server.com/svn/repo_address

works fine. Sometimes it helps to read the manual carefully ;-)

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+1 This was the only one from many others that solved my problem. Thanks million times! :) – dwich Nov 19 '10 at 18:15
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Apparently, this is more a restriction issue by my host. Working w/ them to resolve it.

Thanks, 1800.

BTW, the answer here was that my host, A2 Web Hosting, requires that SVN be handled via SSH using a public_key and configuring, in my case, Tortoise to do the job. It was sort of funky for someone who has just a little experience setting up keys but it was pretty satisfying once it was done!

You can find info about SVN on the A2 host in their support wiki.

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I just had this problem. My subversion server was on a non-standard port. So effectively my repository URL was wrong. Just something else to check...

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For me, the error was on the server side, and it was because I forgot to uncomment DAV svn in the config /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dav_svn.conf (on debian)

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If you change the checkout address from "http://mywebsite.com/svn/myproject" to "svn://mywebsite.com/svn/myproject", does it start working? If so, maybe you didn't set up the HTTP protocol for SVN access?

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That doesn't resolve. – J. LaRosee Jun 22 '09 at 3:55
Worked for me. Thanks! – Gili Oct 24 '09 at 18:45
Awesome, did work for me as well! – Riyaz Oct 19 '15 at 15:34

For me it was definitely a authentication issue.

Normally when I attempt to Checkout a new project, I am asked if I want to accept the certificate, (Permanently,temporary or not at all)

I must have click not at all previously so it wouldn't prompt me again.

Using the Tortoise client I went into Settings, then Save Data and cleared my Authentication Data.

Then when I attempted a Checkout, it prompted me to accept the certificate, I did Permanently and all was good. It checked out all my code.

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Try to put / on the end of url. Change the checkout address from "http://mywebsite.com/svn/myproject" to "http://mywebsite.com/svn/myproject/".

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A modification of the first response worked for me.

My repository uses SSH. The URL was given to me as https:// (for HTTPS access) and I eventually figured out that the protocol on the URL needed to be changed.

Using the command-line client: $ svn checkout svn+ssh:///svnroot//

(No key configuration was needed.)

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I ran into this error while connecting to an open source repository from my ubuntu x-term. The solution that worked was I modified my /etc/subversion/servers file. I modified the proxy settings in the global section and now - "All eez well"

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Make sure SVNPath is set correctly in the apache configuration!

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This error is completely generic and just means it couldn't communicate with the SVN server. Use your browser to look at the URL and see what's really being served. It should be a plain black and white page that says Powered by Subversion in the footer. That should help you figure out what the problem is.

In my case the requests were not ending up at the DAV module because I'm using ProxyPass.

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Another reason for getting this error (among the many above) is having a proxy set in ~/.subversion/servers when you don't need a proxy to get to the server you are trying to connect to.

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I had a different problem (and a solution). I do not understand, why it happens, but since some of the repo DID checkout, I tried to checkout various content independently. I've found that only a jar file in the root folder was not checked out and attempting to check it out caused the error. Since the file was a duplicate file of a same jar, which was in the "target" folder, I just deleted it from the repository via repo-browser (tortoiseSVN) and checked out the project via netbeans again - finally it finished without the error.

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