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I have a file upload form in GWT and the upload process works fine. Though, I have problem getting the response. The response capturing code is:

formUpload.addSubmitCompleteHandler(new FormPanel.SubmitCompleteHandler() {
    public void onSubmitComplete(final SubmitCompleteEvent event) {

The event.getResults() always results in null. Upon investigating, I found that the response Content-Type should be one of text/html or text/plain. In my case, it is application/xml and I can't control the server response as well.

I was wondering if it is possible to set Accept request header in file upload form. If it is not possible, any other suggestion is appreciated.


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See documentation SubmitCompleteEvent#getResults

public java.lang.String getResults() Gets the result text of the form submission.
the result html, or null if there was an error reading it
The result html can be null as a result of submitting a form to a different domain.

If It is working without errors, maybe domains are different.

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Its the same domain, and yes - event.getResults() returns null. Is there any other suggestion ("accept" request header in form submit, parsing the iframe result, etc.?) –  user1018482 Apr 23 '12 at 2:41
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