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I have a web service built on .NET which returns XmlDocument.

I'm reading it on a JSP file using a servlet like this:

CuteServlet servlet = new CuteServlet();
result = servlet.searchProperties(market_type, location, bedroom, price);

searchProperties method from CuteServlet:

public SearchPropertiesResult searchProperties(String propertyMarketType,
     String location, String noOfBedroom, String price) 
  wsClient.Property service = new wsClient.Property();
  wsClient.PropertySoap port = service.getPropertySoap();
  return port.searchProperties(propertyMarketType, location, noOfBedroom, price);

The return type of searchProperties() is SearchPropertiesResult. How can I read it?

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Just read the javadoc or explore the methods of that class? That class does not belong to a standard API, so no one would be able to answer that in detail. – BalusC Apr 21 '12 at 3:11
@BalusC, thanks for reply. I've solved it. I'll update the answer later, just in case others get same problem. – sushanghimire Apr 21 '12 at 19:46
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To solve this, I read XmlDocument (returned from C#) as result and put value into List<Object>, then casted each Object into Element to read the details like following:

   wsClient.SearchPropertiesResponse.SearchPropertiesResult result 
             = servlet.searchProperties(market_type, location, bedroom, price);
   List<Object> objects = result.getContent();

   Element rootElement = (Element)objects.get(0);
   NodeList propertyList = rootElement.getElementsByTagName("property");
   int propertiesLength = propertyList.getLength();
   for(int i=0; i<propertiesLength; i++)
   Element aProperty = (Element)propertyList.item(i);
   NodeList childNodeList = aProperty.getChildNodes();

    Element property_idElement = (Element)childNodeList.item(0);
    String property_id = property_idElement.getTextContent();

    Element street_nameElement = (Element)childNodeList.item(2);
    String street_name = (street_nameElement.getTextContent());

    String tr = "<tr><td>";
    int l = i+1;//"+l+"
    tr += "<b> </b>"+door_no+" "+street_name+", "+post+"<br/>";
    tr += description+"<br/>";
    tr += "Bedroom: "+no_of_bed+"<br/>";
    tr += "Bathroom: "+no_of_bath+"<br/>";
    tr += "Area: "+area+"<br/><br/><br/><br/>";
    tr += "</td></tr>";
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