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According this question and the official documentation on Signed Request, there should be within the encoded JSON payload a user object with an age object for the age range of the user.

However, when I decode the signature received through the JS SDK, I only have values for user_id, code, and a couple others, but no user object let alone age range. I've verified this in a stand-alone "connect" environment, as well as in a "tab application" environment. Further, when I test the JS SDK at the Test Console I see no user object either.

How can I get the user age range using just the JS SDK?

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From the link you referred,

Fields and Values

A signed_request is simply a data transfer mechanism and does not imply any defined structure or format of data carried in the request. However, within the Facebook Platform, the JSON object payload may contain some of the following fields and values:

Notice the may.

There's no way you can fetch age or age range through js sdk, without getting permission


p.s. I havent tested in canvas app, but in page tabs, the signed request contains the age range but only when user likes your page :)

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I think you should get permission and caculate bitrthday date.

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