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I searched and couldn't find a solution that was unique to my problem. I need to replace the below background color with a background image. Your help is awesomely appreciated.

Edit: Problem solved. I was trying to edit the wrong xml file.

    <style name='CustomTitleBackground'>
        <item name='android:background'>#3b5998</item>
    <style name='CustomTheme' parent='android:Theme'>
        <item name='android:windowTitleSize'>45dip</item>
        <item name='android:windowTitleBackgroundStyle'>@style/CustomTitleBackground</item>
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Can't you do:

<style name='CustomTitleBackground'>
  <item name='android:background'>@drawable/my_background_image</item>


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It tells me that there is no resource for that. Also, I just now figured out my error. Instead of trying to change the background in my resources, I added a background to the custom title layout in my layout folder and its working. Im sorry for this girly mistake. Forgive me.. –  Aliyah Apr 20 '12 at 23:02

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