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Below query is laying me. It's simple query but giving error in where clause.

I am trying to get orders got delayed from my orders table .

SELECT * FROM orders where delayed='Y'

What is wrong here ?

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DELAYED is reserved word in mysql. Enclose it in backticks(`) while using it as column name

Try below :

SELECT * FROM orders WHERE `delayed`='Y'
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DELAYED is a MySQL keyword (as in INSERT DELAYED), so you'll need to wrap your "delayed" column in backticks:

SELECT * FROM orders where `delayed`='Y'

Note that those are backticks, not apostrophes.

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Try this:

SELECT * FROM orders where `delayed`='Y'
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Although the backtick option works, and also works for field names with spaces, it is in my humble opinion best to avoid using such table names if possible. Not because of the backticks themselves, they are quite harmless but because of the convention. Reserved words are not meant to be used as identifiers because ... they are reserved!


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