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I am looking to communicate via RFCOMM to another Bluetooth device. I want to use C++ (VS2008) for the application. I already know of the 32feet library, but was unsure if it would work for C++. Does anyone know of a good starting point for this kind of project? Or possibly 32feet samples written in C++? I want a simple, easy to use API for Bluetooth using C++.

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You can do Bluetooth programming using BT sockets into the OS Bluetooth stack. This page discusses socket usage:

This page has links to download Bluetooth SDK from Microsoft:

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Building apps using the Microsoft stack works fairly well (XP and Vista work great, trying to run the same apps under Windows 7-64bit does not work so well...)

The real advantage to is that the Bluetooth support on Windows is heavily Balkanized - you never know on a given machine whether it is using the Microsoft, Broadcom, Toshiba, BlueSolei, or some other stack. While these are all mostly compatible over-the-air, the APIs are completely different for each. Building with lets your application run on a larger subset of machines... That said, I have not tried building it into a C++ application - sorry.

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This question is rather old, I know.

Just wanted to update, that QT has now QT Bluetooth for C++ that looks very promising -

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No support on windows yet.Currently, the API is supported on the following platforms: Android, iOS, Linux (BlueZ 4.x/5.x) and OS X from here – ramtheconqueror Jul 13 '15 at 13:26

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