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I'm trying to do a MySQL query which results in distinct columns for each WHERE clause. Like an alias for them. Let's say I have a table with a column and some arbitrary data, strings for instance.

Id | Column1
0  | mango
1  | porcupine 
2  | bear

I need a query that yields something like:

    animals  | fruits
0| porcupine | 
1| bear      | mango

if that's even possible. I've tried JOIN-ing subqueries, or UNION them, but that just overwrote the results, which is no good..

I will use it in PHP, and check if the aliased column is set, so I can identify that row as such. e.g.

if( isset($results[$i]["animals"]) ) echo "hey it's an animal, not an apple, feed it!";

EDIT: ...I want a query that puts animals and fruits into a distinct columns in the result. I tried this:

 SELECT * FROM table 
  WHERE Column1 = 'porcupine' ) as porcupines
 SELECT * FROM table 
  WHERE Column1 = 'mango' ) as fruits

but it wasn't what I'm looking for.

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how do you know from the input data what is a animal and what is a fruit? –  David Z. Apr 21 '12 at 2:39
And how do you know that 'not apple' goes with bear and not with porcupine? –  Lamak Apr 21 '12 at 2:47

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create another column (Column2)on your table to identify if Column 1 is a fruit or an animal then create the query:

SELECT id, column1 AS [Animal] FROM TABLE
WHERE Column2 = "Animal"
SELECT ID, column1 AS [Fruit] FROM TABLE
WHERE Column2 = "Fruit"
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see, that's the problem, I can't. I have to create a query that figures it out from one column. I can only proved the query with the info what falls under what category, then it should sort those into distinct columns in the result. I wonder if that's even possible. –  tenshou May 24 '12 at 12:36

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