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I'm about to rebuild my Macbook - new SSD, upgrade to Lion, etc. I have a bunch of great tools installed now that make me very productive ... vim w/ config settings, ack, Homebrew, Node.js, underscore-cli, etc.

I'm starting this question partly so that I can record the setup steps and tools that I myself add back. But I also want to open it up to the community... What tools do you use on your dev box? What utilities and customizations do you find indispensable?

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Obviously the first thing I'd put on is Xcode. Now that Xcode is a self contained app the "Command Line Tools for Xcode" are a must have. These can be downloaded from within Xcode using the following menu item, Xcode -> Open Developer Tools -> More Developer Tools.

CodeRunner is very handy for quickly trying stuff out in a number of different languages.

Dash is fantastic for quickly accessing API documentation for a number of different languages. It is also a snippet manager.

otx and class-dump are useful tools for debugging.

F-script for getting inside other OS X applications.

Perlbrew makes running multiple versions of perl simple.

Slender makes managing images in iOS apps easier by telling you which resolutions you are missing etc.

I'm sure there are many more things that I use that I've not thought of.

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The Basics

Chrome - needs no introduction

Iterm2 - far better terminal program than the built-in version. Supports panes and tabs and a bunch of other nice features.

Ack - a superior version of grep - highlights matches, recursive by default, etc. This is my goto tool for finding stuff in sourcecode.


The installation one-liner:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(/usr/bin/curl -fksSL"

Then you need build tools (gcc, etc). You can install these through XCode (the "normal" way), or by using osx-gcc-installer.

XCode is a massive 4.7G download, but it's a requirement for iOS development so I need it anyways.

With XCode: App Store Link, then open XCode and go to Preferences -> Download -> Install Command-line-tools

Without XCode: If you don't need the full XCode GUI, the osx-gcc-installer is a DMG installer for just the command-line tools. It's much smaller and quicker to get going. Also doesn't require an Apple Developer account.

My Brews:

ack         curl        git-subtree gnu-tar     jpeg        node        xmlto
asciidoc    docbook     gnu-getopt  imagemagick libtiff     pkg-config  xz
coreutils   gettext     gnu-sed     jasper      little-cms  wget


PCKeyboard hack (CapsLock --> ESC):


See my other post

underscore-cli - great tool for parsing and processing JSON data

jshint - more configurable version of JSLint

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