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I'm new to Android and the Java programming language but I know what application I'm going to built. Just wondering how to build it.

I want to build an application which will use the internet to pull down XML feeds using SAXpaser. I have two major concerns:

  • The XML tree is different on the websites i will use.
  • I want to sort what XML content thats should be displayed in the UI.

What would be the best way to do it when using more sources? I dont ask for source codes, but more a suggestion on how to manage it all.

Should I use an external server to pull the XML and then the application could pull it from the server? Should i just build the hole thing inside the application? What tool would you suggest i use?

Any idea would be appreciated.

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I suppose everything is in place: network access, xml and xslt support, UI stuff and widgets (use xslt to transform the trees to a common form). Just start with one thing, e.g. fetching XML from the sources, and ask specific question from there.

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