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I am trying to implement a 'lab in the cloud' to allow people to have a sandbox to experiment and learn in; i.e. for devops (chef/puppet), installing or configuring software etc. I have a node.js server implementation to manage this and looking for sane and reasonable ways to attack this problem.

The options are bewilderingly diverse: puppet or chef directly, or vagrant seems appropriate. But Openstack, cloudfoundry, Amazon EC2 also provide their own feature sets. Ideally a micro-cloud solution (multiple VM's per instance) would be ideal as there isn't going to be any large computational load.

Suggestions most appreciated.


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After some investigation, it seems that LXC on EC2 might be the way forward:

It gives

  1. lightweight, instances on a single EC2 instance
  2. supports hibernate/restore
  3. fast to standup
  4. able to automate using chef/cucumber

EC2 virtualization using LXC


Testing infrastructure code in LXC using Cucumber

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