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What do I do if I have to put two rendered condition on listshuttle.

I have a <rich:listshuttle> and I have put rendered="#{!empty Bean.arrayList}".

So if arraylist is empty this component is not rendered. However on certain occassion I want to render this component even when the arraylist is not empty.

It may be possible to bind <rich:listShuttle> with the backing bean but how can it be achieved.

Also is it possible if I put two list in the rendered field.But I think my objective still won't be achieved.

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You should be able to put any EL expression evaluating to boolean in rendered

rendered="#{(not empty Bean.arrayList) or (empty Bean.arrayList and Bean.conditionMet)}"
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I need to try whether I can use or in the EL expression...Also I explored and found I can bind listshuttle with HtmlListShuttle attribute in the backing bean which gives me full control of the component. – AngelsandDemons Apr 23 '12 at 11:49

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