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i have a problem with two drop down lists ( options ) in a form.
They both work separately but together they don't work at all. It's like there canceling eachother out or something.
If anyone can help me then i'l be truly grateful. Here's the code with the problem...

else if (firstoption.val() == 0 ) {
    error.html('Please include an option!');
else if (second.val() == 0 ) {
    error.html('options 2!'); 
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this is not enough code, provide more + html –  Andreas Linden Apr 21 '12 at 9:30
HTML Being : <p> <input type="hidden" > <select id="myselect" > <option value="0">Please select</option> <option value="10.00">Option1</option> <option value="20.00">Option2</option> </select> </input> </p> <p> <input type="hidden" > <select id="mydoors" > <option value="0">Please select</option> <option value="30.00">Option1</option> <option value="40.00">Option2</option> </select> </input> </p> –  bluefiredragon Apr 21 '12 at 10:34

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