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Is there a way to add Jquery No Conflict at an inline level? With something like this as an example:

<a href="javascriot:void(0)" onclick="$('body').html('<h1>Hello World!</h1>');"> Click Me! </a>

I keep running into conflict problems with other frameworks I have installed and it's something so simple I don't really want to add an onclick event for it. So how can I add a jquery no conflict clause to an inline onclick?

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Use jQuery() instead of $()

<a href="javascriot:void(0)" onclick="jQuery('body').html('<h1>Hello World!</h1>');"> Click Me! </a>

This way you avoid any conflicts of the value of $

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Try this:

<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="jQuery('body').html('<h1>Hello World!</h1>');"> Click Me!</a>

You really should be setting your event handlers through jQuery though. Using the onclick attribute is considered bad practice these days.

Also, if you want to use jQuery.noConflict(); you should set it on page load.

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