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I am designing a very basic animation with a few circles moving around in a HTML5 canvas. I'm currently using the jCanvaScript library to make it simplier (I need to group different shapes together and animate them synchronously)

I need to be able to zoom in and out and to move around inside the canvas. I've seen many libraries (including the jCanvaScript) they all have a .scale() and .translate() function which allow to transform one of the shapes in the canvas but what I need is a global one, that acts on all the shapes inside the canvas. And really it seems that no library provides this...

The ideal solution would be kind of a setViewPoint(x,y,width,height) function like in the Raphaël.js library.

Do you know how I could achieve this?

Thank you very much for your help.

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you should take a look on this : hopefully kineticjs will help you.

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