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when i declare ostream << overloading method in my complex number's class ,it crushes suddenly here it is


class complex

    double getRe();
    double gerIm();
    void setRe(double value);
    void setIm(double value);
    explicit complex(double=0.0,double=0.0);
    static complex fromPolar(double radius,double angle);
    complex operator+(complex rhs);
    complex operator-(complex rhhs);
    complex operator*(complex rhs);
    complex operator+(double rhs);
    complex operator-(double rhs);
    complex operator*(double rhs);
    complex conjugate();
    double norm();
    complex operator/(double rhs);
    complex operator/(complex rhs);
     friend ostream &operator<<(ostream &out, complex c);
    double real;
    double img;

 ostream &operator<<(ostream &out, complex c)
    out<<c.real<<"  ";
    out<<c.img<<"  ";
    return out;

complex operator+(double lhs,complex rhs);
complex operator-(double lhs,complex rhs);
complex operator*(double lhs,complex rhs);
complex operator/(double lhs,complex rhs);
complex exp(complex c);
inline double complex::getRe(){return real;}
inline double complex::gerIm(){ return img;}
inline void complex::setRe(double value) {  real=value;}
inline void complex::setIm(double value) { img=value;}
 inline complex::complex(double re,double im) :real(re),img(im){}
 inline   complex complex::fromPolar(double radius,double angle){

     return complex(radius*cos(angle),radius*sin(angle));

 inline complex complex::operator+(complex rhs)
     return complex(this->real+rhs.real,this->img+rhs.img);

 inline complex complex::operator-(complex rhs)
     return complex(this->real-rhs.real,this->img-rhs.img);

 inline complex complex::operator*(complex rhs)
     return complex(this->real*rhs.real-this->img*rhs.img,this->real*rhs.img+this->img*rhs.real);

 inline complex complex::operator+(double rhs)
     return complex(this->real+rhs,this->img);


 inline complex complex::operator-(double rhs)
     return complex(this->real-rhs,this->img);

 inline complex complex::operator*(double rhs)
     return complex(this->real*rhs,this->img*rhs);

 inline complex complex::operator/(double rhs)
     return complex(this->real/rhs,this->img/rhs);

 inline complex complex::operator/(complex rhs)

     return (*this)*rhs.conjugate()/rhs.norm();


 inline double complex::norm()
 return (this->real*this->real+this->img*this->img);

 inline complex complex::conjugate()

     return complex(this->real,-this->img);

 inline complex operator+(double lhs,complex rhs)
     return rhs+lhs;

 inline complex operator-(double lhs,complex rhs)
     return complex(lhs-rhs.getRe(),rhs.gerIm());

 inline complex operator*(double lhs,complex rhs)


 inline complex operator/(double lhs,complex rhs)
     return rhs.conjugate()*lhs/rhs.norm();


error says that,it is redefinition of ostream operator,but i think that i have correctly written,so can't understand what is going on,please help me

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Which compiler are you using? I can't reproduce this behavior (g++ 4.6.2 MinGW-32bit). – Zeta Apr 21 '12 at 10:37
Is this a header file because ostream &operator<<(ostream&, complex) is the one function that you haven't declared inline? – Charles Bailey Apr 21 '12 at 10:46
Also, what do you mean by "crushes suddenly" because the error that you quote sounds like a compile or link error? – Charles Bailey Apr 21 '12 at 10:48
no when i compile,gives me a lot of errors – dato datuashvili Apr 21 '12 at 10:55
When I compile your code I also get an error but the error that I get is "'ostream' does not name a type" because you are not qualifying ostream with the required std:: namespace qualifier so it seems that you haven't posted all of the details needed to answer why you are seeing the error that you are. – Charles Bailey Apr 21 '12 at 11:02
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ostream is in the std namespace so in your class definition you need:

friend std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &out, complex c);

and the corresponding definition should look like:

std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &out, complex c)
// ...

Also, you need a return statement in one of your operator* overloads:

inline complex operator*(double lhs,complex rhs)
    return rhs*lhs;

As you are using a name identical to a standard library class template in your code you should not use using namespace std;. (Even if this weren't the case, you should avoid using namespace std; in most situations and certainly avoid it in header files.)

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If you did what Charles Bailey says but still get the error make sure you include iostream at the top of the file.

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