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Here is the code in curl to parse only link of a website (includes all parameteres like span, style):



    foreach($links as $link)
        echo $link."<br>";

But I want to exclude span, style from the tag. how can I edit in that pattern ??

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here is the complete pattern: '/<a.*?href="(.*?)".*?>(.*?)<\/a>/si' I can't able to write this in the main question. :( –  Naved Ahmed Apr 21 '12 at 11:08
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Do you mean to say that if a <span> tag appears between <a> and </a>, you don't want that to appear in the output?

If so, there's no simple way for that to be done in a regular expression, but you could use a function like strip_tags() on each $link before you print it.

By the way, a simpler pattern which may suit your purposes is /<a .*?<\/a>/.

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