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I have the following entity:

public class User
    public int ID {get; set;}

    public int GroupID {get; set;}     // navigation property with 
    public Group Group {get; set;}     // foreign key field

    public Adress Adress {get; set;}   // navigation property only


The table generated from entity framework looks like:


I don't like, that the column naming for the FK columns is not the same. Can I achieve that both use the same convention either "GroupID, AdressID" or "Group_ID, Adress_ID"?

I use convention over configuration and don't want to use Fluent API.

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EF 4.1 to 4.3 doesn't support creating custom conventions, so it's not possible. The only thing you can do (without Fluent API) is probably mapping the foreign property to another column name:

public int GroupID {get; set;}

Then you have both FK columns with underscore in the database. But - as you can see - you need to overwrite the conventions with data annotations at least.

Defining the second FK column without underscore is only possible with Fluent API:

    .HasOptional(u => u.Address)
    .Map(x => x.MapKey("AddressID"));
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http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18050590/why-does-ef5-create-foreign-keys-wi‌​th-id-but-recommend-naming-convention-id-wi/18066373?noredirect=1#18066373 explains why the column appears –  kirsten g Aug 5 '13 at 20:09

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