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is it possible to abbort the seek process? My urls expires after 10 seconds so i must request a new url when the user click on seek.

onSeek: function(event)
     getFreshUrl({videoId:'XXXXX', action:get}, function(data)
        jwplayer().load({file: data.url, start: event.offset});

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance! Peter

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i'd like to know that too. i tried to find the default seek function inside the api (only for html5 mode ) but i did not success :( –  Albi Patozi Sep 4 '12 at 0:20

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Its probably a bit late:

You're using a url that is already verified, and will stop working after x seconds.

Try using the verification url instead of the verified url ( so all the request while playing and seeking will be verified again ).

I don't see the response from the verification server / page, but for this to work it needs to be redirected.

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