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I am confused with this code anyone help me .

string str = sample.indexof("a",0);

It's working. But below not working .

string str = sample.indexof("\",0);
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in both of this query replace string with int becuase return type of indexof is index value –  Pranay Rana Apr 21 '12 at 12:01

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You need to escape backslashes in string and character literals in C# - or use a verbatim string literal. Any of these will work:

int index = sample.IndexOf("\\", 0);
int index = sample.IndexOf(@"\", 0);
int index = sample.IndexOf('\\', 0);

Or without specifying the initial index, if you're looking from the start anyway:

int index = sample.IndexOf("\\");
int index = sample.IndexOf(@"\");
int index = sample.IndexOf('\\');

Personally I would use the last of these if you're only looking for a single character - it's clearer that it really is exactly one character. (It may be marginally more efficient too, but the clarity is more important.)

(Note that C# is case sensitive - it's IndexOf, not indexof. Also note that it returns int, not string. It helps if you can make your sample code accurate...)

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because \ is escape sequence char you can try out one of the below option to work

int i = sample.indexof("\\",0)


int i = sample.IndexOf(@"\", 0);
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