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I want to create a JSON object with the following structure… I realize that the JSON object shouldn’t have comments but in this example I just want to explain the desired structure

selObj = {

    category: selectedCategory, // 1 category only

        optionValue:discountValue, // we can 1 or have many of paired keys in this sub object

        tariffValue:discountValue, // we can 1 or have many of paired keys in this sub object

        tarOption:discountValue // we can 1 or have many of paired keys in this sub object



Now I have a function that will populate the empty object that I declare at the start of my script like so…

$(document).ready(function() {
        var selObj = {}; 



        emptyObject.category = "Category"

        // in my original function I have loops that produce strings with the following structure {"value1":"10","value2":"20","value3":"30","value4":"40"}, for this example I’ll call them loopReturn1,  loopReturn2, loopReturn3, loopReturn4

        // loops have happened and vars are produced... I've removed my loops as they're working just fine, I've omitted that code for simplicity

        emptyObject.catOptions = loopReturn1;
        emptyObject.tariff = loopReturn2;
        emptyObject.tarOptions = loopReturn3;

Now with this I'm constantly getting errors with whitespace problems and so on. I've been told I should use JSON.stringify, which I have but I'm still getting problems. Now forgetting the loops, how should I take the produced string and append these to my object, can someone tell me the best practice to take the strings and convert/parse them to my original object called selObj. Also do I need to return my emptyObject in my function to update the selObj (like return emptyObject;)

Should I change my original empty object so it better represents my desired structure, like so:

var selObj = {

    "category": "selectedCategory",





Any advice would be appreciated, I think it's pretty obviously that I'm a self taught developer and I've got a few bad habits and holes in my knowledge!

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Are those "smart quotes" around Category a copy/paste error, or does it look like that in your source as well? – Jon Apr 21 '12 at 12:39
Just a copy and paste error... I'll edit, good spot BTW – Mike Sav Apr 21 '12 at 12:40
"errors with whitespace problems" ... that doesn't make a lot of sense. You should post exactly what your constructed JSON looks like, or else nobody will have any idea what you're talking about. – Pointy Apr 21 '12 at 13:02


$(document).ready(function() {
    var o = getCategoryData(),
        sJSON = JSON.stringify(o);

    console.log(o, sJSON);

var getCategoryData = function(o) {

    // example functions start
    var getCategory = function() {
        return "Category";
    getCatOptions = function() {
        return {value1: 10, value2: 20, value3: 30, value4: 40};
    getTariff = function() {
        return {value1: 10, value2: 20, value3: 30, value4: 40};
    getTarOptions = function() {
        return {value1: 10, value2: 20, value3: 30, value4: 40};
    // example functions end

    if (!o) o = {};
    o.category = getCategory();
    o.catOptions = getCatOptions();
    o.tariff = getTariff();
    o.tarOptions = getTarOptions();
    return o;
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