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In my database (SQL 2005) I have a field which holds a comment but in the comment I have an id and I would like to strip out just the id, and IF possible convert it to an int:

'activation successful of id 1010101'

The line above is the exact structure of the data in the db field.

And no I don't want to do this in the code of the application, I actually don't want to touch it, just in case you were wondering ;-)

Any help would be much appreciated!


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You want to change the field in the db to only have the id number and make the field an int? Kind of unclear of what you're doing. –  Matthew Rapati Sep 19 '08 at 15:10
On select I would like to just have the number (strip it from the data in the field), I do not want to change the DB field. –  Symbioxys Sep 19 '08 at 15:16

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This should do the trick:

SELECT SUBSTRING(column, PATINDEX('%[0-9]%', column), 999)
FROM table

Based on your sample data, this that there is only one occurence of an integer in the string and that it is at the end.

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thanks worked like a charm! –  Symbioxys Sep 19 '08 at 15:22

I don't have a means to test it at the moment, but:

select convert(int, substring(fieldName, len('activation successful of id '), len(fieldName) - len('activation successful of id '))) from tableName
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Would you be open to writing a bit of code? One option, create a CLR User Defined function, then use Regex. You can find more details here. This will handle complex strings.

If your above line is always formatted as 'activation successful of id #######', with your number at the end of the field, then:

declare @myColumn varchar(100)
set @myColumn = 'activation successful of id 1010102'

	@myColumn as [OriginalColumn]
,	CONVERT(int, REVERSE(LEFT(REVERSE(@myColumn), CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(@myColumn))))) as [DesiredColumn]

Will give you:

OriginalColumn                           DesiredColumn
---------------------------------------- -------------
activation successful of id 1010102      1010102

(1 row(s) affected)
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select cast(right(column_name,charindex(' ',reverse(column_name))) as int)
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-- Test table, you will probably use some query  
DECLARE @testTable TABLE(comment VARCHAR(255))  
INSERT INTO @testTable(comment)  
    VALUES ('activation successful of id 1010101')

-- Use Charindex to find "id " then isolate the numeric part  
-- Finally check to make sure the number is numeric before converting  
FROM (  
       select right(comment, len(comment) - charindex('id ', comment)-2) as justnumber  
       from @testtable) TT

I would also add that this approach is more set based and hence more efficient for a bunch of data values. But it is super easy to do it just for one value as a variable. Instead of using the column comment you can use a variable like @chvComment.

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If the comment string is EXACTLY like that you can use replace.

select   replace(comment_col, 'activation successful of id ', '') as id from ....

It almost certainly won't be though - what about unsuccessful Activations? You might end up with nested replace statements

select   replace(replace(comment_col, 'activation not successful of id ', ''), 'activation successful of id ', '') as id from ....

[sorry can't tell from this edit screen if that's entirely valid sql]

That starts to get messy; you might consider creating a function and putting the replace statements in that.

If this is a one off job, it won't really matter. You could also use a regex, but that's quite slow (and in any case mean you now have 2 problems).

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