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I have problem.. I tried fill up form then click submit button then it show form error but all of them textbox field went blank empty with can show form error. I want it become same value from before validate. like i dont want to clear/empty out value after validation.

i did something like this: (in view)

<div class="regform">
        <div id="formleft">First Name<asterix>*</asterix></div>
        <div id="formright"><?php echo $this->Form->input('First Name', array(
                'name' => 'firstname',
                'label'=> false
            )); ?></div>
        <div id="formerror"><?php echo $this->Form->error('Customer.firstname'); ?></div>

(in model):

'firstname' => array(
                    'firstname_cant_be_empty' => array(
                            'rule' => 'notEmpty',
                            'message' => 'First Name must be filled.'
                    'firstname_must_be_alphabet' => array(
                            'rule' => '/^[a-z]{3,}$/i',
                            'message' => 'First Name is only letters. No numbers, Dotted, etc.'

(in controller):

if ($this->request->is('Post')) {

            if ($this->Customer->save($this->request->data) && $this->Customer->validates()) {
            } else {
                $this->Session->setFlash('Fill up form now!');
                $this->data = $this->request->data;

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I don't think you need $this->Customer->validates() because it already does that in the save method. –  jimiyash Apr 21 '12 at 19:04

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The problem is in your view:

    <div id="formright"><?php echo $this->Form->input('First Name', array(
            'name' => 'firstname',
            'label'=> false
        )); ?></div>


$this->Form->input('First Name', array(


'name' => 'firstname',

This causes to be the form element to be generated like:

<input id="UserFirstname" type="text" maxlength="50" name="firstname">

Your form input should instead be this:

    echo $this->Form->input('firstname', array(
            'label'=> false

Note the differences. This causes the form element to be generated as:

<input id="UserFirstname" type="text" maxlength="50" name="data[User][firstname]">

The main difference is name="data[User][firstname]". This causes the data to be posted in the familiar array format of $this->request->data, which also allows the form to be repopulated upon form errors.

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thanks it work.. –  user453089 Apr 22 '12 at 8:33

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