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I'm using Geany 0.18 for python developing and am in general really satisfied, but there is one little thing, that's still bugging me:

I usually use the F5 (Build-->Execute) option to test my scripts, the appearing window is rather small, and if my script prints lines which are too long they are hard to read. I would like to change the default-window size of the little one popping up if I hit F5, but I haven't found anything to accomplish this.

Is this possible at all ?

Thanks Mischa

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To solve that problem I added additional parameters to terminal command that geany runs.

  • In Geany go to preferences (Edit->Preferences).
  • Open Tools tab.
  • There is an input field named Terminal where you can specify terminal program to use.
  • I changed that to "gnome-terminal --maximize" to open terminal maximized.

For Gnome-Terminal you can find more window options running "gnome-terminal --help-window-options" from terminal.

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that works, thank you! –  Mischa Obrecht May 21 '12 at 8:20
The geometry options in particular are what you want here: xfree86.org/current/X.7.html#sect6 –  jordanpg May 22 '12 at 7:32

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