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I want to write an Android app which controls my Samsung TV via the wifi network. This is possible because there are apps out there that do it (including Samsung's own remote app).

Is there a Samsung API available to do this? How does the app talk to the TV?

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did you solve this? –  Daniel Jan 25 '13 at 23:21

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The github link posted by Nesim Razon is down, but there is one public fork of the SamyGo-Android-Remote project:


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this seems to be a good start (Samsung SDK for their TVs):


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There is an open source project of SamyGo, and it works perfect. I am using it on my android phone and with the help of that project source, I created a little remote control with c#. You can always check their offical forum link for latest news.



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the github project seems to be offline meanwhile. –  Daniel Jan 25 '13 at 23:21

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