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Suppose I have a function that is something like this:

function [ c ] = input_args(m)

for i = 1 : m+1

    c{i} = inputdlg('Enter next m value');



Now I'd like to change this so that the instruction to the user at the i'th stage of the for loop says something like "Enter the i'th m value", where i is the changing index in the for loop. How can I do this?


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A string is a array of characters, so you can concatenate them like any other array. You need to use num2str to convert a number into a printable character.

inputdlg(['Enter the ' num2str(i) 'th m value']);

A more general solution would be to use sprintf to format your string; to do the same thing with sprintf you would use:

inputdlg(sprintf('Enter the %dth m value', i));

which you might find more readable (and allows you to use standard fprintf formatting options).

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