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I have a simple test file under t/. I want to display the summary after running all the tests. For some reason, the summary is displayed before the results of "" is displayed. How do I display the summary after running all the tests?

==> t/test.t


use strict;
use warnings;

use Test::More;
plan tests => 4;

require "/home/mydir/perl5/lib/perl5/TAP/";
require "/home/mydir/perl5/lib/perl5/TAP/Formatter/";
require "/home/mydir/perl5/lib/perl5/TAP/Parser/";

my $f = TAP::Formatter::HTML->new;

my %args = (
    formatter => $f,
    merge => 1,
my $a = TAP::Parser::Aggregator->new;
my $h = TAP::Harness->new(\%args);

my @files = qw[];

$h->aggregate_tests($a, @files);


my $summary = <<'END_SUMMARY';
  Total Tests:    %s
  Passed:    %s
  Failed:    %s
  Unexpectedly succeeded: %s

  printf $summary,
  scalar $a->total,
  scalar $a->passed,
  scalar $a->failed,
  scalar $a->todo_passed;

  ==> Output (in html format)

    ok 1 - First 
    ok 1 - Second 
    ok 1 - Third 
    Total Tests: 4 
    Passed: 4 
    Failed: 0 
    Unexpectedly succeeded: 0 
    ok 1 - Four 

To run the tests, I used the 'prove' utility: /home/mydir/perl5/bin/prove -Q --formatter=TAP::Formatter::HTML > output.html

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The following command will run all the .t files in the t/ subdirectory merging the STDOUT and STDERR (-m) and running quietly (-Q).

prove -m -Q --state=last --formatter=TAP::Formatter::HTML t/ > output.html

The simpliest way to execute it in Perl is:

$output = `prove -m -Q --state=last --formatter=TAP::Formatter::HTML t/`;

Take a look at to see all possibilities of --state parameter.

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Thanks for the response. I used the same command to generate the HTML report with graphical output. This is not the issue here. The real issue is: The summary is displayed before test # 4 is run. – user1348366 Apr 21 '12 at 16:07
@user1348366 - see my updated answer – Ωmega Apr 21 '12 at 16:25
You don't need to shell out to use prove. You can call it through it's module App::prove. – brian d foy Apr 23 '12 at 16:20
@Brian, I invoke 'prove' using (this script uses App::Prove) . But for some reason, the summary output is not getting displayed correctly. Am I missing something here? – user1348366 Apr 24 '12 at 1:23

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