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I have developed a device driver which will create a virtual com port whenever my embedded device is connected to the USB port of the laptop.

Now I need to create an Auto Dial-Up or new network connection with the virtual com port created whenever the device gets plugged into the laptop.

  1. So I have to trigger an event upon USB connection detection

  2. The triggered event should create an auto dial up connection with the vitual port created(eg:COM11).

Steps to create a New Auto Dial Up connection:

  1. Click on the Windows “Start” button.
  2. Click on “Control Panel”.
  3. Click on “Network connections”.
  4. Click on “Create a new connection”.
  5. Select the option “Set up an advanced connection”.
  6. Select the option “Connect directly to another computer”.
  7. Select the “Guest” option. Give a name to the USB network connection (e.g. “Connection Name”).
  8. Select the last COM port created on the PC corresponding to “Communications Port (COM X)”.
  9. Select the option “All users”.
  10. Click on “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop”, then “ok”.

What are the ways I can achieve an auto dial up connection?

The above can be done in any programming language, preferabally "C/C++", Since I know only those two.

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You can achieve dialup connections using the RasDial API functions. See this project for a guide. You can create a window, register it using RegisterDeviceNotification and listen for WM_DEVICECHANGE. You can see this project too for an example. Good Luck

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