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I have some post-processing that I have to do on a list of HTML elements whenever they are updated from the backend. Is there some event (like, onRender) that I can listen to on the template to facilitate this?

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I had a similar problem that I solved using observe and triggering off of the changed event. docs.meteor.com/#observe –  lashleigh Apr 21 '12 at 19:50

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For Meteor starting from 0.4.0 preview, you can use Template.myTemplate.rendered for this.

Template.myTemplate.rendered = function() {
      console.log('Template has been (re-)rendered');
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See also this conversation: Callback after the DOM was updated in Meteor.js

I used the technique to set Bootstrap tooltip popup events in the DOM after template (re)rendering in my CoffeeScript port of the Leaderboard example.

This in the template:


Calls this (CoffeeScript) template property method on the client:

enable_tooltips: ->
  # Update tooltips after the template has rendered.
  Meteor.defer -> $('[rel=tooltip]').tooltip()
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