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I would like to upload a files in Netbeans, for example from: C:/my_folder in my computer into /home/public_html folder on the server. I've specified initial path as /home and upload directory as /public_html, and in the properties my path looks like this: sftp://host.name.com/home/public_html.

But when I upload files I find them in the /home/public_html/my_folder ... how to fix it? Because I've tried all options in the properties but still doesn't work.

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You have to create a new project and set your project folder to C:/my_folder. Set your upload path to /home/public_html as you have.

Now, if you have a file C:/my_folder/x.html it will be uploaded to /home/public_html/x.html.

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Here is a step by step instructions to upload files from Netbeans.


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