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I'm running a website on a shared ASP.NET 4.0 server.Therefore I only have limited memory size to store my users' session state.

The program I've written doesn't use Session variables: once a page is ready it is sent to the user and voilà. The rest is JavaScript and when the user click a link, I don't care if a new session is to be opened.

The question is: what if I reduce the session timeout to say 1 muinute only? Will the user suffer from extra delays?

What if I go sessionless?

Since I do not use login-password for the users, I'm suspecting it won't impact the performances. Am I right? Is there any cave at?.


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Sessions are only needed if you need to store some "state" - to "remember" or "know" something about a specific client (user/browser) on the server-side (you can use cookies on the client side).

If you have no need to do so, you can turn off sesssions..

For MVC (note the comment by Brad Wilson for MVC2)

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