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I would like to make a QToolButton where the text is the left of its icon. I've tried to find related information, and tried things with:


but this sets the text to the right side of the button. I've looked into trying stylesheets, but text-alignment is only for push buttons. Is there any way to do this?

My highest-level goal is to make an interface bar which looks like this:


with a text label and image right beside it. Currently I'm using a toolbar with checkable toolbuttons because of the style (no border unless moused-over, still has the indent with checkable, contains text and an icon...). It's entirely possible that I'm using the wrong type widgets, so if I can't change the layout of this, is there any way to emulate this style?

This is what I currently have:


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You can use QWidget::setLayoutDirection:

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Your best bet is probably to create this functionality yourself in a QWidget. It should have a QLabel and a QToolButton (or QPushButton) arranged in a QHBoxLayout. Then you can add this custom widget to the toolbar using QToolBar::addWidget() or QToolBar::insertWidget().

Here's an example of a widget you could use:

#include <QtGui>

class CoolButton : public QWidget
    CoolButton(QWidget *parent = 0) : QWidget(parent)
        QLabel *label = new QLabel("Hi!", this);
        QToolButton *button = new QToolButton(this);
        QHBoxLayout *layout = new QHBoxLayout;
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