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I am making a web application, in which i need to scrape the web to get some data. I can't see a way to do this without using the dart:io.HttpConnection which is not imporatble for web apps. What should i do, Can i make a server application and then use it with a client version, or something else?

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Have you solve this issue ? –  Repminister Dec 4 '12 at 12:08
see it, there is a lot of options : stackoverflow.com/questions/2861/options-for-html-scraping –  user2551915 Jul 4 '13 at 23:07

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You would need to build this server side since the browser security model does not allow you to connect to other origins than the one that served your application (unless of cause you can use JSONP or CORS to do the scraping but I doubt that). So you need to create a service on your server that uses HttpClient to do the scraping for you and then call this service from your client using XMLHttpRequest

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Do you have any examples on how would one do that ? –  Repminister Dec 4 '12 at 10:45

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