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Noob question!

My whiteboard/drawing app runs fine, using a combination of simple image views and bitmaps with me rendering a path to a bitmap and copying over as needed. I have it multitasking on my ICS Transformer without problems. However, if I exit the app with the Back button and then run it again, it fails; I get a memory error on the second run when I try to draw something.

Out of memory on a 4096016-byte allocation

Although sometimes I don't get that and it runs a second consecutive time. When I run it a third time, it works, and the fourth, again it Out-of-memory's.

What manual cleanup do I have to do when an Android app exits? Should I remove all created objects and bitmaps and paths and listeners and stuff?

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Looks like you have a memory leak. Make sure you follow recommendations provided here. Often Memory Analyzer Tool is very useful in such cases. Here is a video how to use it.

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Thanks. That's something I have to sit down and work through. Memory management is new to me! – Tickled Pink Apr 21 '12 at 16:08
The first link is broken! – Marcelo Filho Apr 25 '14 at 20:53

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