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I was looking at some decoded view state values and I wonder what the first string value represents. e.g.:


It seems that this value doesn't change if the page is refreshed or loaded in a different browser.

Let's take easyjet.com as an example - I tried the /EN and /PL versions of the site - the view state values were different but the string value was still the same for both:

1. /wEPDwUKMTEyOTc4MTYzOGRkWfx6hV2SnqItqR4uWJdw0H18w9fWuVgmqXph3EqMQ98=
2. /wEPDwUKMTEyOTc4MTYzOGRkWFe7DRds5xP9uLhFfkODYnASZhcgHyO0xh6yQ2I6Z0Y=

Online view state decoder:

Any ideas ?

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