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Is there a command in the SBT console that forces it to resolve artifacts (especially, re-resolve SNAPSHOT dependencies)? The only way I know of now is to run clean and then compile (or start), but this takes much longer and isn't always necessary.

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You can mark the needed dependencies to re-check them on update:

libraryDependencies ++= {
  "org.specs2" %% "specs2" % "1.10-SNAPSHOT" % "test" changing()

Re-download a SNAPSHOT version of a dependency using SBT

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I don't think the changing() is needed anymore in sbt 0.13.x. Should be set by default... –  jsuereth Mar 8 at 14:28

Perhaps update-classifiers is what you are looking for? Otherwise, try the tasks command to see what's available.

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The update command should help.

From the task's documentation:

Resolves and optionally retrieves dependencies, producing a report.

See Dependency Management Flow.

What's more important, SNAPSHOT dependencies are in their nature changing() so there's no need to add anything after ModuleID to mark them as such. Every update is supposed to resolve them against the repositories.

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