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Can anyone show me a simple example how this component is used.Thanks

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In your application (the one you want to protect by embedding a CRC), drop an OgProtectExe component. Use the Object Inspector to add a handler for it's single event (OnChecked, if I remember correctly). The handler should contain something like this:

procedure TForm1.OgProtectExe1Checked(Sender: TObject; Status: TExeStatus);
  if (Status <> exeSuccess) then // CRC changed
    // Handle modified executable

Possible TExeStatus values are:

exeSuccess         - CRC is OK
exeSizeError       - File size has changed
exeIntegrityError  - CRC doesn't match
exeNotStamped      - Executable not stamped

Build your application as usual. Use StampExe (from the OnGuard examples\Delphi folder) to stamp your executable with the CRC (or write your own app that calls the OgProExe unit's ProtectExe function to stamp it).

ProtectExe takes two parameters - the full path and filename of the executable to protect, and a boolean that indicates whether or not it should remove it's special marker after protecting. You should pass True unless you want to have the ability to unprotect the executable afterwards.


if ProtectExe(YourExeName, EraseMarker) then  // executable stamped
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