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I'm using the C-style GTK functions in C++ and I can't figure out how to set the cursor for the main window.

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Use gdk_set_cursor()


on a GdkCursor created by gdk_cursor_new()


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yes I figured that out but the problem is I can't get the gdkwindow of my main window. I've seen samples for gtkmm and for pygtk but not for C – Erwin J. Apr 22 '12 at 0:35

Posting this because the comment about getting the GdkWndow went unanswered so far.

For most widgets, the GdkWindow can be retrieved as the window data field of the GtkWidget structure. The following code sets a cursor on a GtkWindow widget:

GtkWidget* win = gtk_window_new(GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL);
GdkCursor* watchCursor = gdk_cursor_new(GDK_WATCH);

/* set watch cursor */
gdk_window_set_cursor(win->window, watchCursor);

/* return to normal */
gdk_window_set_cursor(win->window, NULL);

If you need to get to the GtkWindow ancestor from one of its child widgets, you can use:

GtkWidget* win = gtk_widget_get_ancestor(someWidget, GTK_TYPE_WINDOW);
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jeff's answer didn't work for me (Gtk3). So here's my solution:

GdkWindow* win = gtk_widget_get_parent_window(widget);
GdkCursor* watchCursor = gdk_cursor_new(GDK_WATCH);
gdk_window_set_cursor(win, watchCursor);
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My solution:

void gtkSetCursor(GdkCursorType cursorType) {
    GdkScreen * screen = gdk_screen_get_default();
    GdkWindow * win = gdk_screen_get_root_window(screen);
    GdkCursor * cursor = gdk_cursor_new(cursorType); //
    gdk_window_set_cursor(win, cursor);
    while (gtk_events_pending()) gtk_main_iteration();

start your stuff here
end of your stuff
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