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I just exported some database tables from App Engine, to guard against catastrophic loss. All my generated files, (csv, .sql3, bulkloader logs) are still in my app directory.

Then I resumed development and it seemed to be taking forever to upload my updates when I did a update .

In fact, I killed the update, as it was taking a long time. So should I move these large generated files out of the way? I like them where they are, because it makes keeping track of them easier, but if it's going to slow down updates, I'm willing to move them.

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The other option is to modify app.yaml and add them to the ignore list.

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Sorry. Seems to be a false alarm. After an interval of a few hours, I tried again and it update my app in just a couple of minutes. – egilchri Apr 21 '12 at 20:42

Yes, you should move them. The appcfg script is going to try to process them and that will slow things down.

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