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I am using CakePHP and MySQL for my application

I have three tables:

  • Forms (id, name, created, modified)
  • Attributes (id, form_id, label, type, sequenceno)
  • Results (id, form_id, attribute_id, label, value, submitted_by)

The application I am developing is like form Builder. Generating the fields based on the type (eg .. If type="text" ->generate textbox)

Now I am having a doubt regarding if I my type is "Dropdown" then it will have a dropdown box with some options. How can I keep those choice name? For example:

<select id="jselect">
 <option id="choice1">Male</option>
 <option id="choice2">Female</option>

My sample entry in the table will be like in attributes table

       1 1 name text 1
       2 1 age number 2
       3 1 address Textarea 3

And in my results table

       1 1 1 name aruna 
       2 1 2 age 22
       3 1 3 address XYZ

that is how can I save male and female choices in the table? Since I will have the privilege to change the choice name even in between.

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Side note: you may want to include a default_value column in your Attributes table. – instanceof me Jun 22 '09 at 9:35

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Did you try using an enum?

The ENUM Type

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I think he wants to programaticlly change the possible answers – instanceof me Jun 22 '09 at 9:09

If I understand well you want to store the possbile answers for dropdown-type attributes? Then you have two approches:

  • Separate table, holding parent attribute's id and possible value (one per row)
  • Field in the attribute table, contaning possible answers as label/value pairs. In this case, you can store in a TEXT column a serialize()'d PHP associative array containing value => label. It is easier for maintainance and usage in PHP (unserialize the field to use it, change it, single UPDATE to modify), but you won't be able to is this value properly in a SQL query.

Edit: example for solution #2

Add field answers of type TEXT to your Attributes table. Then run this PHP code:

// obtain this array programatically:
$genders = array(
    ''     =>    'Unknown',
    'M'    =>    'Male',
    'F'    =>    'Female',
// put this into the 'answers' field instead of displaying it
echo serialize( $genders );

This will give you an attribute entry like this (which explains why this is hardly query-able):

   4 1 gender dropdown 4 a:3:{s:0:"";s:7:"Unknown";s:1:"M";s:4:"Male";s:1:"F";s:6:"Female";}

then in your PHP code, just:

$genders = unserialize( $my_attribute_row['answers'] );
// here you have your array back
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will you be bit clearer..Please – Jasmine Jun 22 '09 at 9:10
Here is, hope this helps. When you ask for clarity, please specify what you want (like "can you give example on how to do X") – instanceof me Jun 22 '09 at 9:34

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