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In Tapestry5 tree component allows a user to select multiple items. Each selected item looks colored in bold. How do I make a restriction on tree component so is possible to select one single item?

I've been checking TreeSelectionModel for this purpose, but all I can do is to store TreeNode values on a collection, but not to restrict user selection on client side.


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That's a tricky one. You have to place the tree component within a zone and update the zone when the selection changes.

Geoff Callender posted an example at jumpstart:

Psydo-code example:


<t:zone t:id="treeZone" id="treeZone">
  <t:tree t:id="Tree" t:model="treeModel" t:node="treeNode" t:value="categoryNode"  class="prop:leafClass">
      <t:if test="treeNode.leaf">
        <a t:type="EventLink" t:event="leafSelected" t:context="" t:zone="selectedZone" href="#">
      <t:if test="!treeNode.leaf">


private Zone treeZone;

private AjaxResponseRenderer ajaxResponseRenderer;

private Request request;

void onLeafSelected(Integer categoryId) {
    CategoryNode categoryNode = categoryService.findCategoryInfo(categoryId);
    selectedCategory = categoryNode.getCategory();

    if (request.isXHR()) {

public String getLeafClass() {
    if (selectedCategory != null && categoryNode.getCategory().equals(selectedCategory)) {
        return "selected";
    else {
        return "";
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Thank you. I've already checked that example at tapestry jumpstart. Works nicely. Tapestry 5 guys should allow single select / multi select using a simple attribute. – dovahkiin May 15 '12 at 20:39

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