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Today I stumbled onto this plain problem in MATLAB:

>> 1/(10^309)

ans =


and everything is fine. Now I type:

>> 0.0001/(10^308)

ans =


and get very confused. Wasn't the smallest number possible in Matlab realmin=2.225073858507201e-308 ? Why is the above output not giving 0?

Thanks in advance

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In help realmin, it says: "REALMIN Smallest positive normalized floating point number."

A normalized floating point number has no leading zeros in the significand - so something like 1.123 * 10^-10. If the significand has leading zeros, like 0.0001 * 10^-10, then it is denormal.

I think eps(0) gives the smallest denormal number available in Matlab.

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realmin returns the smallest positive normalized floating-point number in IEEE double precision.

There are smaller positive denormal floating point numbers. Have a look at “What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic”.

You might be more interested in eps that returns the smallest increment between distinct numbers.

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