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I've already read this:

How do I insert into a database only if a value has changed?

So my question is very close, but it's not exaclty the same.

I have a table with 4 "main" columns (ie I have those 4 same columns on all my tables):

  • id - int - autoinc
  • id_origin - int - id when the first record was created
  • date_v_start - datetime - start date of validity of the record
  • date_v_end - datetime - end of validity of the record (if NULL it's the current 'valid' record)

Here are some other fields specific to this table: - summary - text - detail - text

knowing this, when I have something that has been changed into that table, here's what I do:

  • I update date_v_end of the current record to "now()"
  • I insert a new record, with date_v_start = date_v_end of the previous, id_origin = the same of the previous, - date_v_end = NULL and (of course) the new values of summary and detail.

My problem is that if the values of summary and detail haven't changed I don't want to insert that new record, it's a waste of time, and hard drive space.

Is there a way to do (in one shot if possible) something like:

"if summary<>'a value' or detail<>'another value' then update this record and insert this new one"


So, the difference between my question and the link I've provided above is: - there are more than one field to compare - there are two requests - i'd like to make it in one request if possible.

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You can either write the logic in your app, use a stored procedure, or use a trigger. Which of these would be OK? –  Jon Apr 21 '12 at 19:07
maybe use a trigger, or use a stored procedure. I'd like to be compatible if possible with both mysql and postgresql –  Olivier Pons Apr 21 '12 at 19:08

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Here's how I did it in one "php query" = one string with commas in the middle (it's very time consuming, but I'll change it one day if my webserver can't handle it anymore):

WHERE id=:id;
ALTER TABLE tmp drop ID;
SELECT 0,tmp.* FROM tmp;
UPDATE table
SET date_v_fin=NOW()
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