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(The site page used for this example is at this location: www.businessreviewcanada.ca/marketing/social-media/market-pose-of-tranquility. Sorry about that! I'm a new user and am only allowed 2 hyperlinks [following] for now! This is an edited question that I originally intro'd on the main stackoverflow thread, and deemed it better to be directed specifically at the Facebook section with the fresh edit, so I've lobbied to close the original thread, and here we are.)

I have recently deployed the XFBML version of the Facebook Like button on an existing site and am experiencing an issue where the first time the Like button is clicked, the comment box appears, but is otherwise blank, seeming to not draw any info from the Open Graph elements in place in order to be able to display the accompanying article title, image thumbnail, and entry excerpt. The image at the following link shows what appears the first time the Like button is clicked for a particular article:

Comment box with no info

Even though there's no accompanying Open Graph element info, I can still "Post to Facebook" with or without a comment, and the article has been automatically liked with the button click (as expected). However, if I go Unlike/Delete the article mention on my Facebook wall and return to the site article to try again (refreshing the page in order to reset the Like count to 0 - on this second attempt, all the required information populates the area underneath the comment section as it should have the first time, as seen in the following linked image:

Comment box with info included

(Likewise, even though the Facebook Like count number was still "0" on this article when I posted this question, if any of you now try clicking the Like button on that article, the comment box will populate as it should on this one since I've already gone through the Like-Share/Unlike-Delete process on it myself, so this is now not the article to test to see the problem in action. Thus the screen image jpg's to display what happens, so you don't have to go search for an article with a "0" count that hasn't been "initialized" per se.)

Even though this implementation is a new deployment, there was previously both prior-generation Facebook Like and Facebook Share buttons existing on these article pages, and because the Facebook process is apparently smart enough to know the previous like/share history of an existing article, some articles already have count numbers, and those articles don't exhibit this initialization issue. Only brand-new articles with a zero count, or existing articles that have never been "liked" before. There is still a separate and different Facebook Like plugin installed for other types of "video" article pages, and that plugin generates the Open Graph elements needed for all Facebook Like (and Google+ for that matter) deployments on these pages (and is the source of the Open Graph elements that you can see in the source code of that example link). I discovered that process when OG elements were being duplicated in results, thanks to me creating a separate OG meta set for this new vertical count button. And likewise, maybe this is the source of the conflict. It seems odd that it only occurs on first click, like some sort of initialization process is not occurring properly.

Hopefully this edit helps clarify the original question. I've done a pretty thorough search and can't find much about people experiencing the same or similar situation, so I'm assuming there's something problematic with just this deployment. But to answer the original questions: 1) Yes, I have used the Facebook Linter, and no errors are reported. 2) All pages are publicly accessible.

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Looking at the following person's question on stackoverflow: stackoverflow.com/questions/7408003/…; I see a blank comment box as well. Is this "by design" on the first instance? This seems even more odd that it would be blank on the first Like instance, yet populated with Open Graph data on subsequent Likes. –  Mark Johnson Apr 23 '12 at 13:55
This may be a bug. The following report appeared today on the Facebook Developers site, entitled "Clicking on the LIKE button just shows a comment window but no preview": developers.facebook.com/bugs/176979389091823. If Facebook confirms this is a bug, I will delete this question. –  Mark Johnson Apr 27 '12 at 7:13

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