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To distribute my Ubuntu packages, I use debuild -S to create the source package and then upload it to launchpad, which creates the binary packages. This is very convenient. However, I noticed that my source packages are growing quickly in size, due to the fact that all of my packages contain a .git directory which is included in all the source packages.

What would be a way to set a global option so that debuild/dpkg always skips any .git directories when creating a source package?

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You could use something like this

git archive master | tar -x -C /somewhere/else

and then create the .deb from /somewhere/else which should not include a .git directory

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Ugh. Was hoping for something global on the dpkg level. –  Jeroen Apr 25 '12 at 19:30

To ignore .git directory try: debuild -S -i -I

The -i option will ignore a number of files and directories that are created by VCS software, amongst others. It will also ignore build artefacts that might still be around (.so files etc.)

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Could you elaborate what the -i and -l options stand for? –  Jeroen Feb 26 '14 at 1:53

If your code is in a Git repository, install git-buildpackage and use that for creating your Debian source package (.dsc and friends).

git-buildpackage sets the -i option to dpkg-source by default, which will ignore the .git directory when exporting to the source package.

It also brings a lot of additional functionality regarding creating Debian packages from a Git repository, which you might or might not need.

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