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I have following JavaScript code:

var counter = 0;
function printCounter(){
   console.log("counter=" + ++counter);
   setTimeout(printCounter, 1000);

I expect that it should print this output:


But instead it prints following:

undefined  // <-- Notice this "undefined"

Why it prints "undefined" after first iteration? Important: I see such behavior only when the code executed in JavaScript console. If it's the part of a page, it works fine.

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It's because the "printCounter()" function itself returns undefined. That's the console telling you the result of the expression.

Change "printCounter()" by adding return "Hello Anton!"; to the end :-)

edit — it's a little confusing to say it "returns undefined"; really, it has no explicit return, but it's the same effect.

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...and so the undefined is the result of the REPL evaluation but since the asynchronous timer is running it will continue to call console.log... – user166390 Apr 21 '12 at 21:36
Yes, thank you, you are right. I was confused because it's not the case for all browsers. – Anton Moiseev Apr 21 '12 at 21:40

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