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I have single field that allows the user to input different options in one string. So, 13123123|540|450

How would I parse out those three values into three variables?

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Did you mean "specific" or "arbitrary"? – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Apr 21 '12 at 21:47
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You can use list to put them into three distinct variables:

$str = '13123123|540|450';
list($one, $two, $three) = explode('|', $str);

Alternatively, you can just access them via the array indicies if you wanted to:

$str = '13123123|540|450';
$split = explode('|', $str);
// $split[0] == 13123123
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You can try the following methods:

$input = @$_POST["field"];

//  Method 1: An array

$options = explode ("|", $input);

    The $options variable will now have the following:
    $options[0] = "13123123";
    $options[1] = "540";
    $options[2] = "450";

// Method 2: Assign to different variables:

list($opt1, $opt2, $opt3) = explode ("|", $input);

    The variables will now have the following:
    $opt1 = "13123123";
    $opt2 = "540";
    $opt3 = "450";

// Method 3: Regular expression:

preg_match ("/(\w*)|(\w*)|(\w*)/i", $string, $matches);

    The $options variable will now have the following:
    $matches[0] = "13123123";
    $matches[1] = "540";
    $matches[2] = "450";
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Use regex based on the numbers before each |. So something along the lines of [\d{8}]^\|] for the first one and so on.

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