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I've got the following MainView.xaml file that works well as a MVVM menu switcher. I've got these pairs:

  • Page1View / Page1ViewModel
  • Page2View / Page2ViewModel

in my MainViewModel I fill an ObservableCollection with both ViewModels, then when the user clicks the Next button, it calls NextPageCommand in MainViewModel which switches out CurrentPageViewModel with a new ViewModel which is then displayed with an appropriate View, works nicely.

I also have a Menu being filled with all the titles from the ViewModels in the Observable collection, which also works nicely.

However, each MenuItem has a Command="{Binding SwitchPageCommand}" which SHOULD call SwitchPageCommand on the MainViewModel and not on e.g. Page1ViewModel or Page2ViewModel.

So how can I indicate in the template not to bind to the current ViewModel but the ViewModel which contains that ViewModel, e.g. something like this:


<DataTemplate x:Key="CodeGenerationMenuTemplate">
    	Command="{Binding <parentViewModel>.SwitchPageCommand}" 
    	Header="{Binding Title}" 
    	CommandParameter="{Binding Title}"/>

Here is MainViewModel:

<Window x:Class="TestMenu234.Views.MainView"
    Title="Main Window" Height="400" Width="800">

        <DataTemplate x:Key="CodeGenerationMenuTemplate">
            <MenuItem Header="{Binding Title}" Command="{Binding SwitchPageCommand}" CommandParameter="{Binding Title}"/>
        <DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type vm:Page1ViewModel}">
        <DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type vm:Page2ViewModel}">


        <Menu DockPanel.Dock="Top">
            <MenuItem Header="Code _Generation" ItemsSource="{Binding AllPageViewModels}"
                      ItemTemplate="{StaticResource CodeGenerationMenuTemplate}"/>

        <StackPanel DockPanel.Dock="Top" Orientation="Horizontal">
            <Button Margin="5" Content="Next Page" Command="{Binding NextPageCommand}"/>

            Content="{Binding CurrentPageViewModel}"/>

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The answer is this:

<DataTemplate x:Key="CodeGenerationMenuTemplate">
        Header="{Binding Title}" 
        Command="{Binding DataContext.SwitchPageCommand,
    RelativeSource={RelativeSource FindAncestor, AncestorType={x:Type Menu}}}" 
        CommandParameter="{Binding Title}"/>

I just saw that Nir had given me the syntax to solve the above issue on this question: What is the best way in MVVM to build a menu that displays various pages?.

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if I could vote this up twice I would. – A.R. Jan 11 '12 at 2:31

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