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I'm having a problem with the paths in compass, I'm developing a wordpress theme with sass-compass using this structure:


I want to respect this structure cause the stylesheet is already written using paths like:

h1 { background-image: url('images/sprite.png'); }

so since the stylesheet is inside the css folder that compass create I would have to rename all images paths to url('../images/sprite.png') or place the images folder inside the css folder for this to work without modifying, but that is not optimal in this situation, I need to find a way to make this work without modifying the stylesheet, I tried with the config.rb but it did not work, any help is appreciated, thank you guys.

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WordPress has some specific rules, namely a style.css must be in the theme root for the theme to work. So you have to respect WordPress before sass.

The alternative is to make an assets folder.


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Thanks for the quick anwser, yes I actually bypassed that requirement by placing an empty style.css and in the <head> I placed the path to the sass compiled css/style.css so that's not a problem. –  Danilux Apr 22 '12 at 1:01

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